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The rapid evolution of genomic technology is allowing unparalleled advances in gene discovery, molecular pathogenesis, mutation detection, and molecular diagnosis. The Genomics Core Facility allows for mRNA transcript profiling of samples on site at The George Washington University Medical Center. The Genomics Core also allows for detection of mutation detection, polymorphism detection (SNPs), and genetic diagnosis of diseases.

The long-term goal of the Genomics Core is to use genomic technology to fully map the relationship between the expressed / SNP
genotype and pathological phenotypes. The resulting databases of 'disease-related' changes in genetic expression enables: 1)genetic testing to diagnose disease and disease subsets to allow tailored therapy, 2) genetic prediction of disease susceptibility to implement effective risk reduction, and 3) small-molecule and gene therapy directed as the key genetic causes of a disease.


  • To facilitate state-of-the-art biomedical research by the faculty
  • To educate medical and graduate students, fellows, and faculty in genomics
  • To develop genetic tests as advanced diagnostics in Patient Care

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